Let's face it, you're a developer, not a system administrator. You want to get on and develop an application ASAP. Wouldn't it be great if you could just spin up a local development environment, with your chosen language, that was preconfigured for your needs and even had your favorite framework and database all setup and ready to go, right in your IDE, on your local machine? Well that's what Phuct does!

Phuct is more than just a productivity system for developers. It is also an open source community, designed to push the boundaries of what is possible. You can create and share your own components and help drive the evaluation of the Phuct system forward for the benefit of all.

Phuct is governed by 3 simple principals; simplicity, reliability and productivity. By having these 3 simple rules to guide us, developers have all they need to optimise their development process.

Phuct rapid Vagrant Provisioning
A Free & Open Source Project

Phuct Development

This site is not available yet. It is a testing site, and the site is currently in development!

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What is Phuct?

Phuct is a free, open source system to simplify and speed up the creation of development environments using Vagrant.

I make absolutely no apologies for the name "Phuct" which is the result of countless, wasted hours and frustration, trying to get other Vagrant provisioning systems working and repeatedly failing! PHUCT is a recursive acronym for "PHUCT Hosting Unit Configuration Technology"

PhalconPHP Phuct Up!

Phuct has full support for PhalconPHP on a Vagrant box. It installs an OS, server, PHP, Phalcon, Phalcon Devtools, other tools, database, and a skeleton app or advanced base app of your choice with your configurations.

Within minutes you have a fully functioning Phalcon development environment and working app all Phuct up and ready for you!

Why use Phuct?

Phuct is free and open source so you can use it and change it as you like. It is developed with 3 objectives in mind;

  1. It must be simple and easy to use
  2. It must be reliable and work consistently
  3. It must aid productivity

As a developer you just want to get on with developing, and not messing about trying to setup a development environment. While Vagrant is an excellent tool, learning a new language for provisioning is time consuming, and even then there's no guarantee it's going to work. There are other potentially useful tools too, such as Puphpet, but from my experience, that always results in a box that fails.

Phuct is designed to take care of all these issues for you and set you up with a complete development environment with just one command "vagrant up".


Phuct uses shell provisioning which results in a simple, 2 file and one directory download, consisting of a Vagrantfile, Config file and an empty www directory.